Are you looking to improve your smile by replacing your missing teeth? If so, dentures may be the ideal solution for you. Whether you’re looking for long-term dentures, such as implants, or removable full and partial dentures, Southfield Dental can offer you a variety of options for your consideration.

Steve is our in house Clinical Dental Technician who started his career in 1992 with a diploma from the Royal College of Surgeons and is talented in producing dentures which have the appearance of natural teeth.

Full Dentures

Typically, full dentures are fitted once you have any remaining teeth removed and the tissue has fully healed, which may take a few months. We’ll then take measurements of your jaw and create a model during your following visits. You will be provided with an immediate denture once your teeth have been removed, which means that you will not be without teeth during the healing period.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are ideal for those who have a few missing teeth and wish to restore the look of their smile and are an alternative to bridges. A partial denture will rest on a metal framework attached to your natural teeth and, in some cases, crowns will be fitted on your natural teeth to act as anchors.

Implant Retained Dentures

Implant retained dentures are clipped to implants that are placed in the bone in the jaw. After your implants are placed, the bone in the jaw needs to grow onto them and fuse to them. This usually takes a few months. If you already wear full dentures, you can keep wearing these while your implants are integrating. Your dentures will need altering to fit properly after surgery and a healing cap or cover screw will be placed over the implant site to protect them. Locators are then fitted onto the implant and into the denture.

Implant dentures are also more comfortable for the wearer. Most people report they don’t feel like they are have dentures in. Implant retained dentures also prevent the wearer from experiencing sore spots and pressure points commonly associated with removable dentures. When wearing implant retained dentures, it prevents further bone loss that occurs from missing teeth. This allows the facial structure to stay the same and keeps your mouth healthier.

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The Treatment Process

First, our experienced and professional dental team will begin by assessing the condition of your gums, soft tissue and bone to ensure that they are healthy. We will then take accurate impressions of your mouth and create a model to check for fit and comfort.

When the final set of dentures are ready, we’ll invite you back for your fitting. You’ll then have a follow-up appointment to check everything is as it should be and that they are settling in well.


Typically comprised of acrylic (or porcelain) and mounted on a plate made from a metal alloy, acrylic or nylon, modern dentures are much more sophisticated and realistic looking. By opting for dentures, you’ll not only improve your facial structure and be able to eat and speak much more comfortably but you’ll also regain your confidence and smile too.

As time goes on, you will need your dentures rebasing, which is normal and occurs as a result of regular wear. We advise that to keep your dentures in perfect condition and functioning for you as they should, you visit us annually for a check-up.