Dorset Dentist

Have you recently moved to the area and need to register with a Dorset dentist? Well, look no further than Southfield Dental Practice.

We offer a range of treatments for both adults and children, providing you with a reliable dentistry for regular check-ups and specific appointments. To secure your place at our practice, give us a call on 01425 489283.

An Experienced Dentist Dorset Residents Can Rely On

It is incredibly important to look after your oral health, particularly from a young age. Unfortunately, many individuals opt not to register with a dentist, but going down that route for yourself and your family would be a mistake. By choosing our dentist in Dorset, you will be able to maintain healthy teeth and gums while also having the option of cosmetic treatments.

With regards to our general dentistry, we offer a range of treatments, including fillings. It is common for adults to require fillings due to tooth decay. The purpose of a filling is to prevent future damage and to restore your tooth back to its original state. Our Dorset dentist will administer amalgam fillings, and on occasion, white fillings.

Here at Southfield Dental Practice, we have a dental hygienist that can treat and prevent gum disease following a thorough assessment. If any issues are detected, such as extensive decay, our dentist, Dorset patients, can perform oral surgery. This may include root removals, tooth extractions, or apicectomies. We can also treat decay with crowns and bridges.

For a dentist in Dorset that provides dentures for individuals with missing teeth, then turn to our practice. We can apply implants, removable or partial dentures depending on what you require. Keep in mind that we cater to each patient individually. Some experience plenty of anxiety during a trip to the dentist, so we offer plenty of options to ease the concern, such as IV sedation and local or general anaesthetic.

We Perform Cosmetic Treatments

It is important that you have a Dorset dentist for routine check-ups, but we don’t limit our services. In fact, we offer a range of cosmetic dentistry that many of our patients have benefitted from. Our aim is to not only maintain your oral health, but also improve your smile. With that in mind, we offer the following:

Before we carry out any treatments, we will have a discussion to learn more about what you want to achieve. Our dentist, Dorset patients, has an array of solutions that will fix your smile and boost your confidence.

Why Register with Our Dorset Dentist?

There is no need for you to consider any other practice as we cover all the bases here at Southfield Dental Practice. As well as providing general dentistry for adults, our dentist in Dorset also caters to children’s dentistry. We have a dedicated team of staff that are experienced and well versed in all aspects of the dental industry.

Mr Christian Gollings and Mrs Caroline Gollings are qualified dentists that specialise in specific areas. Christian should be your go-to Dorset dentist if you require dentures and implants. Caroline, on the other hand, specialises in tooth whitening, white fillings, and routine dentistry for patients.

Not only do we have the qualifications and skills to carry out treatments to a high standard, but we also have measures in place for nervous patients. Booking an appointment to see your Dorset dentist can give some individuals anxiety, but rest assured that you are in good hands at Southfield Dental Practice.

Book an Appointment

To register with our Dorset dentist or to book an appointment, give us a call on 01425 489283. Alternatively, send an email to or contact us by filling in our online form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.