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Are you interested in inquiring about our general dentistry Ringwood services? If you’re serious about seeking out the best possible dental care, then look no further than Southfield Dental Practice. With many years of experience and a firm commitment to upholding the highest standards, you won’t find a better Ringwood dentist anywhere else. Book your first appointment today by calling 01425 489283.

The Number One Choice for General Dentistry in Ringwood

You cannot place a value on your smile which makes oral hygiene an absolute must for anyone regardless of age, gender or background. Ensuring that your teeth and gums are adequately looked after is the key to staving off tooth decay and gum disease. But, are you really receiving the best possible treatment? At Southfield Dental Practice, you can always be confident in the quality of our general dentistry Ringwood.

Our team understand the importance of maintaining correct oral hygiene. They have undergone extensive training and certification and are skilled in the provision of a wide range of dental services. Ringwood, general dentistry provided by Southfield Dental Practice is second-to-none. You’ll benefit from expert advice and an exemplary standard of ethics that makes us a dentist Ringwood can count on.

You can read more about the many services that are provided by us below, and see for yourself what makes us the go-to choice for general dentistry Ringwood.


Fillings are typically used where part of the tooth has been damaged or has decayed leaving the nerve inflamed or exposed. In the case of decay, this part is removed and the filling inserted in its place. At Southfield Dental Practice, we understand that, for many, fillings must not be visible and so our general dentistry in Ringwood can cater to white fillings as well as amalgam.

Hygienist Treatment

While a standard check-up will identify any potential issues, a visit to the hygienist is necessary to delve down deeper. Think of hygienist treatment as a servicing for your teeth and gums. Our general dentistry Ringwood team will conduct a thorough assessment and a deep clean of your teeth and gums. Any stains, plaque or tartar will be removed; your teeth will be polished and left looking their very best.

Oral Surgery

From extensive decay or baby teeth failing to come out to widespread gum disease and other, more serious issues, there are many reasons why you might require oral surgery. You’ll be happy to hear that our Ringwood general dentistry team are qualified and trained to carry out a wide range of surgical procedures such as apicectomies, root removal and tooth extractions.

This is just a brief overview of just three of the services provided by our Ringwood dentist. You can view more of the services that we provide below:

For many, the thought of visiting the dentist is a major source of anxiety and can put most people off going. This, of course, can lead to many issues developing and could seriously undermine your oral health. At Southfield Dental Practice, we are the best choice for general dentistry Ringwood can provide for nervous patients.

We can provide a range of options including IV sedation to help you better relax and feel at ease. Plus, if you prefer, we can also administer general anaesthetic for procedures such as tooth extraction. We’ll always take the time to explain fully exactly what it is we are doing. You’ll never be pressured into anything and if you’re at all uncomfortable, just let us know. You can learn more by clicking on our sedation and nervous patient’s page.

Why Choose Us for General Dentistry Ringwood?

Southfield Dental Practice opened its doors in 2016. Despite only being in business for two short years, it is the combined experience of our two lead dentists that really sets us apart. Christian and Caroline Gollings have 20 years of dental experience between them and are well-versed in the provision of high-quality general dentistry in Ringwood.

You’ll enjoy all the benefits of the most professional dentist Ringwood has to offer, all in the comfort of a relaxed and welcoming environment. Our treatment options are less invasive than most but guaranteed to provide the best possible results. You’ll also enjoy exclusive off-road parking, and for those who are less able, we have level access too.

As a company, we are fully registered and compliant with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as well as the General Dental Council (GDC). For more information about our practice, why meet the team or take the practice tour? Alternatively, take a look at our testimonials to see what others have had to say about our Ringwood general dentistry services.


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