Patient Finance

Southfield Dental Practice opened in 2016 and is a private practice based on the southern side of Ringwood.

The practice was set up by dentist couple Christian and Caroline Gollings, who both have over 20 years of dental experience.

At Southfield Dental, we endeavour to make our exceptional dentistry available for all. We understand that being stung by a hefty fee can be an unpleasant experience after dental treatment. Therefore we will discuss with the patient the options for payments, and make an agreement that suits their individual needs.

Payment Options:

– After receiving the treatment plan and costings some opt to pay in full in advance

– Treatment usually extend over months rather than weeks and payments can be staged during the treatment period

– Another option is to pay a deposit at the start and then agree a date for a final payment which is usually in advance of the completion date

– For finance patients are encouraged to contact their bank or use a loan facility as the legislation around providing finance has become too complex. There are some great rates for loans that will help patients to spread their payments over a longer time frame than the treatment (normally 12 – 60 months)


To find out more about our finance options, call our receptionist on 01425 489283, who will be happy to assist with your enquiries.