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Are you looking for a dental practice that offers both general and cosmetic dentistry? Well, turn your attention to Southfield Dental Practice. We are a private dentist Ringwood residents can rely on for expert treatment. We cater to both adults and children, so do not hesitate to sign yourself up! For more information call 01425 489283.

A Ringwood Private Dentist that Meets Your Dental Requirements

It is incredibly important that you regularly see a dentist to maintain your oral health. Unfortunately, many people forget to register with a dental practice, which can lead to complications with their teeth later down the line. Here at Southfield Dental Practice, we are a private dentist in Ringwood that can meet all of your requirements. Below, we have listed the general dentistry that we offer to our patients.


Many individuals require fillings at some point in their lives, with many keen to make them unnoticeable. If you opt for our private dentist, Ringwood residents, we provide an array of solutions, including white fillings and amalgam.

Hygienist Treatment

Part of our mission is to promote oral hygiene, which is why we have a qualified dental hygienist on hand to assist. Our hygienist will carry out an assessment, as well as clean your teeth to ensure that everything is as normal. Our Ringwood private dentist will be able to help you prevent gum disease and other issues.

Oral Surgery

Extensive decay, a broken tooth or the falling out of baby teeth may require you to undergo oral surgery. Well, here at Southfield Dental Practice, we can perform an array of procedures to solve any issues you may have. Tooth extractions, apicectomies and root removal are among the surgeries that we conduct.

Crowns and Bridges

To protect decayed, weak, and poorly shaped or discoloured teeth from further damage, our private dentist in Ringwood can give you a crown or bridges.


If you are looking for a private dentist, Ringwood residents, that offers long-term, removable full and partial dentures, then you have come to the right place. We can perfect your smile by replacing missing teeth.

Children’s Dentistry

Our Ringwood private dentist is experienced in children’s dentistry as we teach youngsters to look after their teeth at an early age. With a range of treatments available, your child will have a reliable dentist to turn to as they grow.

Root Fillings and More!

When a tooth suffers decay or trauma, the pulp within the tooth can get infected, which could result in tooth loss if it spreads. To prevent this, a root canal will be performed at our practice to solve the problem. If you are experiencing pain, increased sensitivity, gum tenderness and swelling, then you may require a root canal

Our private dentist, Ringwood residents, is well versed in general dentistry, but we also offer cosmetic treatments to our patients, including the following:

Why Sign Up to Our Private Dentist, Ringwood Residents?

As you can see from the content above, we offer a wide range of treatments at Southfield Dental Practice. Not only do we carry out services to a high standard, we also aim to educate the importance of oral hygiene. As a private dentist in Ringwood, we go above and beyond to ensure that our patients preserve their teeth for as long as possible.

Mr Christian Gollings and Mrs Caroline Gollings are the brains behind our dental practice. The former is a specialist in implant dentistry, while his partner is an expert in tooth whitening, white fillings and children’s dentistry. It is important to note that our private dentist, Ringwood residents, offers IV sedation, as well as local and general anaesthetic to ease the worry of nervous patients.

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To find out more information about how we can meet your dental requirements, get in touch with our private dentist. Ringwood residents can reach us by calling 01425 489283 or by sending an email to Alternatively, contact us by filling out our online form with your enquiry.