Sedation and Nervous Patients

At Southfield Dental, we understand that, for some, visiting the dentist or having treatment is not a pleasant experience, and can be a great source of anxiety. That’s why we offer a variety of options, such as IV sedation, as well as local and general anaesthetic, for your complete ease of mind.


Sedation may not have to be the first port of call as we can use different approaches such as a meet and greet, just to say a hello to your dentist and nurse and have a look around the surgery, and start with small appointments  with simple treatments to help you to acclimatize to the world of dentistry.

However sedation is always a good option for the very nervous patient and for this we use 3H. They are a team of Consultant Anaesthetists from Southampton and surrounding areas who have over 10 years specialist training in all forms of sedation and anaesthetic techniques.

If you are afraid of needles your apprehension can be relieved in a number of ways including anaesthetic cream applied to the back of the hand or a mild sedative tablet taken beforehand to reduce your anxiety.

Your anaetheist will remain with you throughout to continually monitor you.

Treatment Preparation

Before administering you with IV sedation, our experienced and professional dental team will assess a variety of factors to ensure that it is suitable for you. This includes checking your general health, as well as your blood pressure, weight and oxygen levels. At this stage, you will be able to ask us any questions you may have to put your mind at ease.

We advise that you have light meals and avoid drinking alcohol on the day of your treatment, and to bring a responsible adult over the age of eighteen with you. They will be able to escort you to the hospital and waiting area, but will be unable to come into the treatment room with you.

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The Sedation Process

At Southfield Dental, we endeavour to make all of our patients as comfortable as possible. Safe and highly effective, our IV sedation is administered intravenously and will diminish your fear while still allowing you to communicate effectively.

IV sedation is delivered gradually by a soft plastic tube and fine needle which is inserted securely into the back of your hand. The sedation will be carried out by our fully qualified and trained staff and will be closely monitored at all times throughout the procedure. You will have a device attached to your finger which monitors your pulse and oxygen levels. If necessary, we will also administer local anaesthetic once you are fully relaxed.

The effects of IV sedation will take several hours to wear off, therefore we advise that you have someone on hand to take you home and ensure your wellbeing during this time. We advise against returning to work, signing legal documents and consuming alcohol for twenty-four hours following your treatment.


IV sedation is hugely beneficial for patients who feel overwhelming anxiety when visiting the dentist. Some patients may put off visiting the dentist out of fear. Therefore, IV sedation and local anaesthetic are fantastic ways of offering that much needed reassurance and allows them to receive treatment that they would have otherwise avoided.