This innovative orthodontic system offers a more discreet way to straighten teeth by using a series of clear and customised aligners. An impression is taken of your teeth, and a 3D personalised plan is created, which will give you an idea of how your teeth will straighten.
Once the aligners have been produced in the laboratory, you’ll wear a different pair every two weeks to obtain the desired result, which usually takes between six to twelve months.

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Tooth Straightening

If you have overcrowded, crooked and protruding teeth,  Southfield Dental can offer a variety of treatment options to create an aligned and attractive looking smile.

Clear Aligners

At Southfield Dental we offer treatment options to straighten teeth with clear aligners. your teeth will be assessed and an estimated treatment plan will be discussed.

We will then send your dental records for a CAD-CAM assessment so you have bespoke treatment plan to align your teeth.

We then provide a series of clear aligners for you to wear for 2-3 weeks each. After your teeth have been straightened we will discuss with you options of retention (keeping the teeth in their new position)

The most common long term retention is night time use of a clear removable retainer.

Fixed Braces

At Southfield Dental, we refer to our local Orthodontist colleagues for fixed braces.  Fixed braces consist of metal brackets and are attached to the front surface of the teeth and thin metal wires which are held in place with elastics. If your teeth are overcrowded, it may be necessary to remove one or more teeth before fitting your fixed braces.

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